Kev & A #5 – Tattoo You

Welcome back to another edition of Kev & A. If you have a question or need some advice, reach out at Today’s question made me deviate from my normal cover art for these, but it was too dumb of a drawing not to! “Yo Kev…you got any tattoos?” Yo…no, I don’t! To the surprise ofContinue reading “Kev & A #5 – Tattoo You”

The Death and Resurrection of Traditions – Easter Edition

I was listening to the episode of Best Movies Never Made about some potential Friday the 13th sequels* we never got this morning and thinking about a man resurrected from the dead whose return is eagerly awaited by many, reminded me that it was Easter. Happy Easter, Jason!** So I guess this is a goodContinue reading “The Death and Resurrection of Traditions – Easter Edition”