Who is Kev Ketner?

Hi. I’m Kev. I’m a freelance editor and writer from Philadelphia.

I have several years experience as a staff member at a publisher, working on a wide range of titles, anywhere from children’s comics to sci-fi, horror, comedy, and more. I also have experience working with art books and prose novels. Many of these projects are listed on my credits page.

I am now available to review pitches, proofread, project manage, or just give general notes. If you have a comic you want to put together and want guidance from an experienced editor, let me know.

Logo by Geoff Harkins with awful direction from Kev.

Getting In Touch

Follow me on twitter @electricdracula

Shoot me an email at ElectricDraculaInquiries@gmail.com to ask me questions and to inquire about working on projects together.