I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

Looks like I am going to live up to the garbage person persona that I have been carefully cultivating over the years and put it in writing on a blog.

I spend most of my day communicating with really talented writers and the most poetic contribution that I have for most conversations is an email response of, “Sounds great!” So maybe it is time to get back into trying to use words like a big boy. The only problem…I don’t really have anything to blog about.

Not that it will stop me. Good lord, no. It will probably just trigger my brain for the first week into looking at caloric content of different honeys and wondering, “Is this a blog?” No. It’s not. But I will take some notes in case it becomes one.

Basically, I needed a first post here that wasn’t a welcome to my blog. So, if you see this, call the police. Or at the very least ask me for some advice or ask my opinion on something. It’s guaranteed to be a real bad take, but screw it, so far this thing is free. I’m too damn indecisive to pay for actual webhosting for the domain name I’ve been squatting on. I refuse to pay for a proper website until I know how to make the internet worse in a very decisive fashion.

If you find yourself hitting rock bottom in terms of procrastination, I guess you can find me on twitter or some shit (@electricdracula) and help make the world a worse place.

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